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Classical Workshops

The Communicate Project provides short and long workshops focusing on some of the most fascinating, compelling, polemic and creative Classical topics, as well as on language and literature. The workshops cater for children, young people and adults. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a workshop or want to know more about them.

See below pictures of some of our workshops in Classics, including some ancient Greek workshops (The Eponymous Heroes of Athens, Odysseus’ Travels and the Greek Alphabet), a Latin workshop and an Arts workshop on Greek pottery and Monsters.

“Of Monsters and Heroes”

Were ancient heroes all heroic? Were ancient monsters really monstrous? Students will learn all about ancient heroes and old monsters, compare them with their modern counterparts and challenge what they think they know. They will get quite a few surprises when they realize that some heroes could be rather monstrous and some monsters rather heroic! They also create their very own ancient hero/monster and paint them “ancient-Greek-style” on a terracota plate to take home. Before leaving they will write their hero/monster’s name and their own, using ancient Greek letters as ancient Greek potters would do.

“The Latin we speak”

The worskshop focuses on Latin language, its roots, derivatives and impact on English. Students will be amazed at how much Latin they speak unknowingly! There are plenty of games and fun, including the dreaded Roman numerals… Have a look at some pics of our Roman matron, who was the teacher on one of our workshops: Iulia magistra est.

“Odysseus’ Travels and the Greek Alphabet”

In this workshop students are taken back to the world of the Odyssey and of Odysseus’ amazing travels and encounters with all sorts of monsters and creatures. While following Odysseus in his trip, students learn the Greek alphabet and to read and write words in ancient Greek, related to the story of Odysseus. They also learn to write their name in Greek and engrave it in a clay medallion they take home.

“Ancient cures for old illnesses” & “The Latin Scientists speak”

In this workshop a “Roman Doctor” offers some very strange cures for illnesses, ailments and problems the students experience by picking up a card from an ancient urn. Students also learn how much our modern scientific vocabulary owes to Latin words, and find out the reasons behind the derivations.

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