We discover new ways to communicate using all sorts of techniques and materials.


Since time immemorial, humans have communicated through what we nowadays call “art”. The word “art” derives from Latin ars, artis. It implies in the first instance a method, a technique, a way of doing things. It is also used to refer to craftsmanship, ability, skill and talent, and by extension to a profession or trade. It alludes of course to the work of art as well, in the way that we know it. It is also something “artificial”, namely of human creation as opposed to nature. But it also refers to a sort of action in which both theory and practice are combined, and in which the mind is particularly involved.
Through our art activities and projects we try to go back to the idea of craftsmanship, but also to reflecting in our own practices and in the way in which our art/craft can operate as a means of communication.
Through active reflection on the artistic and creative processes, on how creativity and invention work, on how art interprets the world, people can heighten their sensitivity, experience the world in a new way and increase their ability to translate that experience into something other than itself, communicating it in different ways and different formats.