Our Logo

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Our Logo


Our logo was designed by Cecilia Nelli, taking on board the concepts and ideas that we wanted to express through it, as well as the ethos of the project.
The inspiration for the design came from a Nahuatl glyph, the volute or scroll. Nahuatl scrolls are the representation of speech. Speaking in Nahuatl means to speak well, clear, in order to communicate. Florid scrolls are also related to singing and creativity, to beautiful words and to divine/prophetic words. Our volutes move, rotate, interact. They are dynamic, flexible, active. They are in constant motion, embracing each other, playing, communicating.


Our Palette


The Project is represented by three colours: violet, blue and red. Red is the colour of energy and passion, the inspiration for creativity, the force that moves things forward. Blue is the colour of life and growth, but also of balance, confidence, peace and serenity. Violet combines both the energy of red and the stability of blue. It is associated with creativity, independence, musical and artistic impulses, sensitivity and spirituality, but also with change and challenge.