Why we do it

“Communicate” derives from Latin commūnicātio, which shares the same root as commūnis. Commūnis means common, that which belongs to everybody. It also refers to a community, a group of people who share a common territory, common laws, a common purpose, and a sense of belonging. Commūnicātio means much more than a simple verbal exchange; it means participating, sharing and partaking, expressing, understanding and embracing.

To be able to communicate we need to create a way of expressing our opinions, ideas or feelings. It may be through words and sounds, images and colours, gestures and movements, materials, devices, contraptions… the list is almost endless. Then we need to be able to share it with one another. But in order to share, to communicate truly and effectively, first we need to understand and, more importantly, to embrace the other. Without acceptance, respect and tolerance there is no understanding. And without understanding there is no communication possible.

Create, understand, embrace.