We organize practical workshops to share our area of expertise, focusing on one or more issues and/or skills.

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Stop Motion Animation

P1020673 (Copy)

Participants create their own stories and characters in paper and then take them to the screen using stop motion animation (or frame by frame) techniques.

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Classical Workshops

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We bring to the table some of the most interesting, compelling, polemic and fascinating Classical topics for participants to discover, discuss and challenge, being part of exciting creative projects.

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Puppets and Puppetry

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Participants design and create their own puppets using different types of materials, mainly recycled: finger and glove puppets, cup puppets, rod and stuffed puppets. Then they are taught how to use them and perform with them.

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Art Workshops

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We provide a variety of Art Workshops catering for children, young people or adults. Art Workshops focus on the participants’ communicative and expressive skills. In the pictures above you can see an example of one of our workshops for children, where they created kaleidoscopes and masks using recycled materials.

Telling Stories

samuel telling stories

Workshop for scientists and academics who want to improve their communication skills when giving papers or lectures. The instructor guides the participants through drama exercises and games that focus on facial and body expression, use of the voice, tone and volume, and getting messages through to a partner, among other activities.

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