Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Protection

The information stored about you by the Communicate Project CIC (Company number 08132370, is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). a) We will only collect from you information that we need via email when you contact us. We don’t collect data or information via our website; b) we will keep it secure and confidential; c) we will ensure that it is relevant and up to date; d) we will only hold the information we need for as long as you our your children attend our lessons; e) you can see the information we hold about you on request; f) all personal information provided by you will be held on our database confidentially; g) we will not pass such information to third parties; h) we will contact you via email with information about lessons and homework (depending on the course), and occasionally with relevant information about our own events; i) we will contact you via phone if there is a sudden cancellation or change in the lessons you attend, or when necessary if your children attend one of our courses and a problem occurs during lessons.